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MACHU Final report (no. 3) out now

The MACHU project has come to an end. MACHU was a three year project sponsored by the European Union's Culture 2000 programme that ran from September 2006 until August 2009.

The main objective of MACHU was to find new and better ways for management of our mutual Cultural heritage underwater. An important way to achieve this was the development of a GIS to manage and describe Underwater cultural heritage.

Also new techniques and research aims were tested within the MACHU project. Furthermore, by handling issues in an international way involving many countries, MACHU promoted greater mobility of both data and researchers working on our common Underwater cultural heritage.

Results of this cooperation between the seven MACHU partners have been periodically described in the MACHU Reports 1 and MACHU Report 2. We are proud to announce that the MACHU final report no. 3 is ready.  The Report being twice as voluminous as the previous Reports and being the conclusion of the three year cooperation it took more time than we thought to produce this last volume. But we are proud of the results.

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Download MACHU Report no. 1 and MACHU Report no. 2


MACHU Report 3